“Making a film festival with the theme of exile is an excellent work, which exceeds the art film circuit and strengthens the friendship between our peoples. Your exile film festival is a major cultural festival”

     Legendary Latin American film director Fernando Solanas to the Exile Film Festival 2003   


Exile Film Festival

The International Exile Film Festival started 1993 in Gothenburg. With the film festival we wanted to create a forum for filmmakers who live in exile and make films outside their home country to freely express themselves and to reach their audience. Through the films that the Exile Film Festival shows are essentially offered opportunities to deepen knowledge about refugees and immigrants, which not only benefits the integration process but also the diversity of society.

The Exile Film Festival is held every other year. For each new edition the festival has grown and developed and received considerable attention among both festival goers and exile filmmakers. In addition the film festival has wandered out into the world.

So far exile film festivals take place in Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Heidelberg), the Netherlands (The Hague), France (Paris) and Canada (Toronto), as well as in Sweden (Stockholm, Uddevalla, Borås, Alingsås and Malmö). All these film festivals have been arranged in collaboration with the Exile Film Festival in Gothenburg.