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International Exile Film Festival

Exile Film Festival is a free forum for filmmakers in exile to express themselves and show their films – regardless the filmmakers’ national, ethnic or religious affiliation.
Exile Film Festival’s platform is to promote open conversation about exile as a global issue for the modern man.
Exile Film Festival promotes through cinema democracy and freedom.
Exile Film Festival safeguards a multicultural society.
Exile Film Festival strives to establish exile filmmakers’ works in the international
artistic and cultural life.

Exile Film Festival shows in its main program films of exile filmmakers and immigrant filmmakers on free themes.
Exile Film Festival shows in its side and special programs also films of non-exile filmmakers, who address issues such as migration, moral courage and human rights as well as the factors underlying people’s exile.
Exile Film Festival is a nonprofit – and politically and religiously independent – cultural organization founded in 1993.
Exile Film Festival is held every other year in Gothenburg with the support of adult education and non-profit associations, as well as Swedish municipal and government organizations.