Changes to screening times of the following movies

Due to some problems and other obstacles for film directors, we need to do a few changes in viewing times, so that the film director may be present during the performance of the film. These movies have had minor changes:

  • The film: North appears on Thursday 23/11 at 19:00 on Bio Roy
  • The film: “Future: Open” will be shown on Sunday 19/11 at 21:00 on Hagabion Sal 1
  • The second screening of “Some Like It Veiled” moved from Thursday to Tuesday 21/11 at 18:00 at Bio Roy
  • The movie: Lost Territory will be shown on Tuesday 21/11 at 19:00 at Viktoriahuset-Viktoria sal

We have made these changes on our website, but on the program booklet you  may correct yourself.

Director visit

Mortasa Shahed, the Afghan director of the film “Lost Paradise”, will be present during the festival as well as during the film performance Sunday, 19/11 at 13:30 in Hagabion sal1.

  •  Film submissions

We would like to thank all filmmakers, producers, distributors and institutions who have given their support and submitted their films to this year’s Exile Film Festival program. Now we have finished the submission of films for our 13th edition.

The Exile Film Festival program committee

  •  Film selection

The Exile Film Festival’s film selection committee is working for full to make a selection of the submitted   films. Soon, it will officially be announced which films have been accepted for the festival’s various program sections.

  • The Exile Film Festival’s selection committee

The festival’s film selection committee has begun its work. Soraya Kent, one of the members of the committee, claims that it is a great job and responsible work. It is also very sensitive, as the filmmakers and artists who turns to the Exile Film Festival feel solidarity with the festival’s freedom spirit and want to participate in its collective manifestation. You cannot compare this to the awarding of diplomas or prizes.

Everybody wants to join the parade! On the other hand, we have limitations in time and space for our proud parade! We have to make a selection.

The film selection committee members for this edition consist of:

– Hossein Mahini, filmmaker and artistic leader of the Exile Film Festival

– Johan Bergström, film director and author

– Soraya Kent, documentary filmmaker

– Kamran Rahimi, film director and script writer

– Kasper Knapton, cineast and cinema technician

– Linus Ohlsson, student and cineast

– Lars Wiberg, head of the ABF Film Lab

– Lena Torquato Lidén, journalist

– Royner Norén, journalist

  •  The Exile Film Festival will have programs in the following cultural venues and cinemas:

Biograf Draken

Bio Roy


Angereds Bio


Hammarkullens kulturhus

Ungdomens hus 1200 kvadrat


Lundby gymnasium

Kommersen loppmarknad

  • Visiting film director

The powerful Chilean documentary “Warrior” (Guerrero) will have a European premiere at the Exile Film Festival. The film will be screened on Saturday 18 November 13:00 at Hagabion in cinema room 1. After the screening, our guest, the film director Sebastián Moreno, will have a conversation with the audience.


In March of 1985 Manuel Guerrero Ceballos, José Manuel Parada y Santiago Nattino were murdered. The triple homicide was one of the highest impact political crimes committed during the military dictatorship. That day the life of Manuel Guerrero (the son), our main character, changes forever. He becomes an icon of the fight against the dictatorship and a public figure. Manuel was 14 years old and very angry. Since that day Manuel Guerrero jr., has dedicated his time to search for and explain the events that resulted in his father’s death.

  • Message to our Facebook friends

Dear Exile Film Festival friends!

Sometime ago, our Exile film festival Facebook was exposed to problems caused by unknown people. This led to our Facebook page being hacked and blocked. We tried to solve the issue and restore the page, but in vain. We could not make it work. Our page became inactive for a long period.

Finally, we decided to launch a new Facebook page that you already may visit: The International Exile Film Festival 2017.

We would be grateful if you could send this message to other common friends.

We welcome your contact.

The Exile Film Festival