Main Program

Exile, a Global Experience
The festival’s main program will screen films made by filmmakers living in exile and other film­makers who live outside their country. Theme is free.

Special Programs

    •   Political Prisoners

      “Political prisoners” is one of our special programs. Through a series of documentaries and feature films, we meet people who have sacrificed their lives, fought and resisted. People whom dictatorships have not managed to silence.

      They break the silence, for us in the film. Come, see and hear them!

    • In the Memory of Joe Hill

      In the days that Exile Film Festival is under way, 100 years ago, Joe

      Hill was executed in the United States for his struggle for justice.

      Exile Film Festival will celebrate Joe Hill´s memory – the legendary

      trade union activist – with film, music and exhibition, under the slogan

      which was his testament:

      “Do not mourn, organize yourselves!”

    • Panorama of Peace

      It is important to strengthen public education about the necessity of

      peace in the current situation that the world and humanity is in. In

      conjunction with this, Exile Film Festival shows, in an extra special

      program, a range of fantastic animated films with the theme “Peace”. The

      films are shown together as a collection of viewing.

    • The Kurds Image- Kobane

      The Kurds – a nation divided between four countries. For several

      decades, the Kurds fought against the attempts to break their national

      belonging. The culmination of their struggle, especially women’s

      resistance, we saw in the city Kobane in Syria, where they resisted

      independently, with limited resources, IS attack and won.

      Exile Film Festival is proud to present this year a special program

      about the Kurds. Our ambition is to give a picture of the Kurds as a

      nation and honor the struggle of Kobane and their innovative and

      democratic way of sharing power.

    • Women in War

      An open program about women´s position in wars; these forgotten victims?

      The victimes of silence due to kith and kins taboos.


  • Odyssey of Cinema – Freedom Odyssey
    This is an open program for films that advocate efforts towards solidarity for human rights, democracy, justice and freedom.
  • Focal Points
    Finally, we have an open program for films that focus on the areas of the world affected by war, conflict, occupation or civil war.
  • Experimental

    An open program for the presentation of new Intellectual and Visual initiativs, in Movie

  • Another View
    In this section we will present films made by non-exiled filmmakers about immigrants and people who live in exile, in an attempt to see another point-of-view: a look from the outside.

The program of the festival will be supplemented by several lectures, live music, poetry and discussions with invited filmmakers, artists and experts.