The World is My Home
14th International Exile Film Festival 2019


General Conditions

  • The Exile Film Festival is an international non-competition festival.
  • The festival accepts both feature films and short films.
  • The festival accepts all kinds of films: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films and more.

This festival edition accepts films in the following program sections:

Main Program

– Exile, a Global Experience

The festival’s main program screen films made by filmmakers in exile
and other film­makers living outside their countries. Theme is free.

Special Programs

– Walls
Every day, walls are erected at different national borders to stop people forced to flee, to save their lives and seek protection from hunger, oppression and misery. Dreaming of a boundless human dignified world.

– Tolerance
This year’s film festival’s main theme is “Tolerance”. The program focuses on films that deal with hardship against ethnic, racial, and skin color backgrounds or ethnic groups with different religious, or with different beliefs and the affiliation of different sexualities. The program promotes equality and secular values

– Alone refugee children / Unaccompanied refugee children
Violence against children has never been so brutal and inhuman in modern human history as it is now. Thousands of children have lost their parents or have lost their lives in the classroom. They are exposed to abuse, to torture, sold as slaves, and even used as soldiers! In the current situation, millions of children escape from wars and military conflicts.
Some of these children have been successful in getting to the West and Sweden to seek shelter. How are these lonely refugees? children received? In the program, the festival addresses this issue through films and seminars.

– Assyrians/ Syriacs, a Minority under Pressure
In the current situation, Assyrians in Syria face persecution and terror by Islamist groups, mainly because of their Christian religious faith. They are forced to flee their homeland and many seek refuge in Sweden, not least in Gothenburg.
The festival program take a closer view on their restrained situation through films and seminars.

– Somalis – Image
The Somalis is an oppressed people who due to conflicts, colonialism and globalization flee their home country to obtain protection and the opportunity to live in peace and tranquility.
This program focuses on the Somalis situation, both in their homeland and on the run with a series of documentaries and feature films.


– Odyssey of Cinema – Freedom Odyssey
An open program for films that advocate efforts towards solidarity, human rights, democracy, justice and freedom.

– Focal Points
In this section, we have an open program for films that focus on areas of the world affected by war, conflict, occupation or civil war.

– Another View
Finally, the festival present films made by non-exiled filmmakers about immigrants and people who live in exile, in an attempt to see from another point-of-view: a look from the outside.


– The festival reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any film for any festival submission program.

– There is no entry fee. Online entry forms are available on the official festival web site: Submission deadline is 20 September 2019.

– The festival does not pay screening fees for the screening of the selected films in its programs.

Submission Procedure

-For each film the applicant is required to fill out a separate online entry form and submit a preview screener of the film.

– The submitted works must be the final edited version.

– Films with dialogues or narration in languages other than English must have English subtitles.

– A preview screener can be submitted in two different ways:

  1. Online – including the URL for the download of the preview screener within the entry form. A preview screener must be available for download at the latest 20 September 2019.
  2. (Air) mail – preview screener on a DVD should reach the festival’s office or its postal address before 20 September 2019. Send your DVD to the following postal address.

NOTE! Please, mark:  ‘For cultural purposes only, no commercial value’.

Postal Address:
The International Exile Film Festival
P.O. Box 7308
402 36 Gothenburg – SWEDEN

Office Address:
The Internationella Exilfilmfestivalen
Linnégatan 21
Viktoriahuset, uppg. A, 1 tr.
413 04   Gothenburg – SWEDEN

Technical Requirements

  1. Preview screener of the film: DVD or file with technical specifications. Format: QuickTime or MP4, MPEG4.
  2. Screening copy: 35 mm, 16mm, DCP – no KDM encryption key, MP4. The festival reserves the right to refuse a screening copy of dubious technical condition that may cause problems during the screening.

Film Selection

Selection of films is carried out by the festivals film selection committee. A list of films selected for the programs will be announced on the festival’s official web site not later than 30 September 2019. All applicants will be notified regarding the selection results. Each director whose film is chosen for the official festival program will be contacted by the festival management for hospitality arrangements.

Screening Copy Transport

The sender bears the cost of sending the screening copies of selected films for programs, while the festival covers the cost of the return. The sender must inform the festival on the manner and date for sending the screening copies.

Parcels arriving from abroad should be marked: ‘For cultural purposes only, no commercial value’. Materials sent by express courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.) must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice amounting to a maximum of 20 EUR or 20 USD. The screening copy will be returned within two weeks after the festival on the address stated in the entry form.

Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities

– Each applicant declares to be the author or rights owner of the submitted film(s) and to own all literary, dramatic and musical rights.

– Preview screeners of the films will not be returned, but will be included in the festival’s library. The festival reserves the right to use the films for strictly non-commercial, educational purposes.

– The festival has the right to use all materials related to the submission as well as a film excerpt up to 10 per cent of the total length of the film that will not exceed more than 3 minutes for promotional purposes.

– The festival takes responsibility for the screening copy of the film from the arrival at the festival office to its returning. In case of damage during the festival period, the festival will reimburse only the material value of physical copies (after a presentation of the original invoice). The festival is not responsible for copies lost in transport, unless the loss has been caused by the festival’s doings.

The festival gratefully accepts donations of screening copies to its film library.

Acceptance of Terms
Participation in the festival, and its film submission process, implies acceptance, without reservation, to the terms of the present regulations. An entry form is valid without a signature and a seal.

The International Exile Film Festival
P.O. Box 7308
402 36 Gothenburg- SWEDEN